Access and Presence

Access and Presence

Access control and Presence control. What are they and how are they different? IN ALSACE (BISCHWILLER)

Doubts often arise when discussing access and attendance control. You might even think that these are two different ways of naming the same solution, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Broadly speaking, an access control allows or denies entry of a person or vehicle to a facility , whereas an attendance control manages the workday of the employees taking into account the entry data and exit, hours worked, holidays... ACCESS CONTROL

An access control system is an electronic system that allows to control the entry and exit of a user in a specific area , validating his identification through different types of reading (proximity cards, PIN, biometrics... ), in an automated way and on any type of infrastructure.

Types of access control

  • Online . These are systems integrated with online terminals through a cable and a local or remote PC, transmitting information online and using access control software to record all operations carried out in the system with the date , time, authorization, etc. They range from simple applications to very complex and sophisticated systems as required.
  • Wireless online . These are systems integrated with offline terminals (readers, handles, cylinders, etc.) by radio (wireless), with an antenna located in a controller. The transmission of information is thus done online. These access control systems are intended for bedrooms, offices, classrooms... They allow complete control by entry and/or exit reader and can be managed from the DASSnet software with centralized systems and transparent way for the user.
  • Wireless DOC . These are offline systems that pass the information between reader/handle and software (or vice versa) by a read/write card, which requires a synchro reader for downloading items into the system and vice versa .

What's the point ?

  • Identifies people and vehicles. Controls personnel entering and leaving the facilities at all times.
  • Reports in real time, the occupation of the facilities.
  • Manages the various remote access points.
  • Collects information about a user's identity, time and access point to a certain area.


Attendance control is a system composed of a device (reader, smartphone) and software such as DASStime, allowing to control and manage the hours actually worked by employees . Attendance checks keep a record, managed by this clocking system, of employee entries and exits.

Presence control clocking means

  • Biometric device . Allows the recognition of the identity of an employee from the characteristics of his fingerprint as well as facial or iris recognition.
  • Proximity card . Allows proximity clocking with a person's identification card.
  • Pointing by mobile phone . Allows you to clock in, transmit any incidents and consult the history of all clockings made. For greater ease of use, access is authorized from a web link, without the need to install specific applications.

Score management and display tool

  • Pointing by mobile phone . Allows you to view the history of all clockings made, using the same tool used to clock in by mobile phone. For greater ease of use, access is authorized from a web link, without the need to install specific applications.
  • Employee Portal . Managing work schedules becomes a collaborative process between employees, supervisors and HR. Each employee/supervisor will provide part of the management, and depending on the system configuration, only the necessary authorizations will be transmitted to HR.

What's the point ?

  • Reduces the administrative burden on the HR department.
  • Eliminates unnecessary expenses, the acquisition of devices is not necessary.
  • Does not require complex training and allows creating zone supervisors with limited permissions.
  • To point. An internet connection and a simple web browser are enough. Management is done from anywhere and at any time.
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