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Epinal Alarm

Alarm: what are the 3 different types of alarm systems on Epinal?

Alarm: in France, Alsace and Epinal, the figures are alarming since a burglary takes place every 90 seconds. Faced with this state of affairs, measures are needed. While traditional security infrastructures (reinforced locks, padlocks, armored doors, SECURIT glazing, etc.) are obviously useful, technology also offers a solution that will soon be essential: remote monitoring.

Consider installing alarms in Epinal as well as a remote monitoring system to ensure the protection of your home or business.

Depending on the configuration of your home, its surface area and the value of the property to be protected, there are different systems. But how to choose the best system according to your needs? Focus on the three different types of systems.

The autonomous alarm

The autonomous alarm is a device generally equipped with an interior or exterior siren, depending on needs and current legislation, as well as motion detectors. In your absence in Epinal and when activated, if one of the movement or opening detectors is activated, the alarm sounds. This is generally due to the presence of an intruder in the house, but it can sometimes be false positives (cats, etc.)

The sound will immediately alert the neighborhood and help the police locate the scene of the offense more quickly. This type of surveillance system is also known as a traditional alarm.

Good to know: a few years ago, a wired connection was required. But with advances in technology, there are now wireless alarms.

The connected alarm

The connected alarm is an improved version of the classic presented above. This system consists of a wireless system, which is used via a mobile application. The device comes in pack form. Depending on the surface area of ​​your accommodation in Epinal, you can choose the pack you need.

Apart from the elements which are supplied with the purchase, that is to say the central unit, a keyboard to enter your secret code or a "beep" remote control, the cameras and the detectors, you can add additional equipment for maximum safety:

Opening detectors make it possible to secure the doors and windows of the house. They provide perimeter protection.
Motion detectors provide volumetric protection for the home: if you have a pet at home, this device will be of great use to you, since it easily recognizes the animal's movements without triggering the alarm. your absence.

You can also associate a camera which can be effective in viewing the detected comings and goings.
Because it is connected, it will inform you remotely of everything that is happening in your house via your smartphone, at any time, but it will be up to you to monitor it and alert the security forces. order when needed.


Alarm with remote monitoring system

This device is more complete than the previous ones. The connected alarm comes with all the options you want. In addition, it is directly connected to a remote monitoring system in Epinal.

This formula based on a monthly subscription offers many advantages, including:

A security system that adapts to the needs of the home in terms of security and protection;
The installation is carried out by professionals as well as the necessary settings;

A remote monitoring platform that manages alerts 24/7;
Possibility to control the device from your smartphone.

The best is to couple the system with a video surveillance system which allows you to quickly remove any doubt using cameras, and therefore quickly dispatch the police.

To find out about the different remote monitoring companies and find the best solution to protect your home, we invite you to consult this online comparison.

What happens after your alarm goes off?

More and more people are equipping themselves with an alarm system to protect their homes, businesses or premises in Epinal. Indeed, as soon as the alarm system detects an anomaly, such as an attempted intrusion or smoke, the alarm center siren is triggered automatically.

You should know that 95% of burglars flee if an alarm is triggered. But what exactly happens when it goes off?

Connected alarms

The first thing to know is that there are different alarm systems. There is the autonomous alarm, which is a device generally equipped with an interior or exterior siren as well as motion detectors.

If one of the motion or opening detectors is activated, the alarm sounds. This is usually due to the presence of an intruder in the house, but sometimes it can be false positives, such as the presence of an animal.

There are also scalable systems on Epinal. These allow you to add other complementary wireless alarm accessories to your kit, such as sirens, detectors, remote controls, etc.

With these connected alarms, it's up to you to ensure the protection of your home or business thanks to the notifications that you will receive on your smartphone.

Finally, some alarms are equipped with a remote monitoring system. Also, when the alarm is triggered, an alert is immediately and automatically sent to the monitoring center by your alarm center.


Remove doubts about Epinal

The first thing to do when your alarm goes off in Epinal is to check whether the alarm is triggered or not. Indeed, there are what we call false positives, that is to say erroneous detections, such as the passage of an animal or objects flying away in a strong wind for example. Fortunately, we sell motion detectors that ignore animals, which limits false alarms.

For this, it is necessary to carry out a removal of doubt. This consists of verifying the origin of the alert and determining whether there is a real danger or whether it is a false alert. This procedure varies according to the alarm system installed.

This is a mandatory measure before being able to contact the authorities, since according to the Internal Security Code, unjustified solicitation carries a fine of up to €450.

We note two cases in the removal of doubt:

The removal of doubt is negative: no danger was observed. The activation of the alarm is due to an error or a false positive.
The removal of doubt is positive: a danger has been identified with certainty. It could be a burglary, a fire or an assault in progress. In this case, it is essential that the authorities or emergency services intervene.

Reinforce your alarm system with video surveillance and remote monitoring

It happens that in Epinal, sometimes, the situation cannot be clearly identified. For example, the evidence provided by listening to the premises is not sufficient to explain the origin of the alert. This is why it is recommended to couple the alarm system with a video surveillance system which allows you to quickly remove any doubt using cameras, and therefore quickly dispatch the police. Thermal cameras can even detect a fire starting early!

But that's not all. It is possible to make this system even more effective by coupling it with remote monitoring. The control agent takes care of everything in the event of an alert. In the event of an intrusion or break-in in a premises or accommodation, an alert is triggered and transmitted to the remote monitoring center, which, providing 24/7 protection, will intervene by arresting the intruder.

A security agent will travel to the premises if necessary to remove any doubts if this cannot be confirmed beforehand. He will make an initial assessment of the situation and, at the slightest sign of danger, will notify the competent public services.

How much does a house alarm cost?

The price of a wired house alarm on Epinal varies from €450 to €2,500 including installation and from €600 to €3,500 for a wireless system. The price of a GSM alarm is between €500 and €3,500, while that of an IP camera is between €100 and €1,000.

Have your alarm installed by a professional

Having an alarm system installed by a professional in Epinal is always a guarantee of security, a guarantee that an expert and specialist brings all the know-how, technical skills and field experience to the installation of the alarm and of its configuration. Thanks to his knowledge, the professional will know the good detector locations and where to install the alarm center.

In addition, it is always possible to benefit from after-sales service, an optimized and tailor-made service, but also wise advice from professionals.

An alarm system installer does not necessarily cost as much as you might think and in the case of a home alarm, the professional can benefit his client from VAT at 7% instead of 19.6% on the equipment cat.

Roles of a professional alarm installer

The alarm installer has several roles which will be able to reassure the customer: he will first be able to assess the level of security necessary depending on the room, the entire home, but also the neighborhood and the accessibility, he will be able to carry out the installation on Epinal in excellent conditions for optimal operation.

To correctly carry out the settings, to delineate interference, to comply with safety standards and to issue guarantees for the installation and equipment, the alarm installation professional is the person to contact.

It is very important to always request a quote from a professional to compare services and proposals and then assess possible costs. The professional, in return, will be able to look for the necessary labels (NF A2P and APSAD), or even the "radio insurance" label which is the approval for wireless alarms.

How much will your alarm installation cost?

Different types of professional alarm installers
Finally, you should know that there are 2 types of professional installers for alarm systems, namely alarm specialists and electricians. Whether for one or the other, the NF Service and APSAD certifications guarantee seriousness in the work of alarm installation.

How does an alarm system work today?

An alarm system offers many uses for the private individual or the professional: in fact, in the event of an intrusion or attempted break-in, it makes it possible to put the possible burglar to flight and in the event of an attack, it allows you to notify a remote monitoring company for example.

Finally, in the event of a fire, the alarm system will warn the occupants. An alarm system is intended to monitor a place while it is not occupied and to inform of any attempted intrusion. It can be started remotely, automatically, such as with the use of motion sensors, smoke detectors, etc.

Basic and efficient operation

Any alarm system provides basic functions to cover, inform, warn.

From the moment the alarm detects an anomaly, it records said anomaly and transmits it as an electrical pulse which is transmitted automatically and instantly to an alarm center by wired or wireless connection. In return, it will process the alarm information and transmit it remotely if the system is equipped with a transmitter.

Today, alarms are often activated using a key or with the help of a digital code, but there are alarms that can be activated by smartphone or via the Internet. It is a deterrent system that will detect a break-in or an anomaly, centralize the information and react accordingly.

Inside an alarm

An alarm system is always made up of the same elements, namely a central unit which is the brain of the system and which will manage the information coming from the different control and detection bodies, but also detectors which are placed in strategic locations and sensitive; they have different purposes depending on their mission such as monitoring movement, detecting smoke or shock, detecting an opening of a door or window, etc.

Other elements are added such as remote controls, badges, keyboards to access the various data and receive information in real time and finally the sirens which alert, deter and signal an anomaly.

Installation | Intercom at a private client

We often show you our installations in companies that use state-of-the-art security systems to protect their premises. Today we are going to look back at an installation carried out for a particular customer at his home.

Our client asked us to set up an intercom installation to control passages in his property. To do this, we installed a Hikvision “video doorman” device so that he can interact directly with his visitors and open his gate without having to go there. In addition, for greater efficiency, we have connected the device to an alarm system to prevent unwanted intrusions into the home.

The video doorman is extremely convenient when you need to open your property to someone even when you are not there. In fact, thanks to the HIKCONNECT application, you can control the video door entry remotely by receiving alerts on your mobile phone or tablet, from anywhere as long as you have internet access!

From now on you no longer have to fear unexpected visits from the delivery person, your family or your friends because, even if you are absent, you can always open your door for them or not...!

Installation, connection of the device

The video door entry functions encourage interaction with the outside world: opening/closing/locking the door, interaction with visitors, etc.

Equipped with a 155° full HD fisheye camera, a high-performance CMOS sensor with night vision, a speaker and a microphone, it is wired to 2 interior display screens, fixed at the entrance level and a second upstairs.

The videophone function of the device

The 7” touchscreen display allows interaction with the outside and opening the door when a visitor rings the doorbell.

Its advanced functions allow:

  • Door opening/closing, locking.
  • Hands-free communication with the intercom system (two-way audio)
  • Video door entry camera support
  • Auto-reply management and do not disturb
  • Support 8 channel alarm input
  • Support panic call

The hidden part of the kit, the controller, provides power to the equipment. Its 2-wire connections can manage up to 9 devices as well as an external switch (which is used to network the different elements of the system). The controller is connected to a box or router to be able to view and interact remotely.

Device coupled to an alarm system

Our video intercom systems can be integrated with CCTV systems. In the photo, the white and blue box fixed on the wall is the system's external siren which reinforces the protection of the access system. In the event of an attempted intrusion inside the home, it is triggered and warns the owners or other authorized persons.

Wired installation
The installation of the device is a hard-wired installation and therefore requires more work to run the wires and connect the elements of the device. However, the cabling guarantees the reliability of the equipment.

This kit is ideal for installation in a house in the city or in the countryside. On the other hand, it is more complicated to install in your apartment. In this case, we offer you a connected peephole to see and interact with a visitor who would be in front of your door, even if you are not at home.

What does the videophone kit contain?
The kit is made up of 3 elements:

1 street panel (color video door entry)
1 touch control screen with mounting bracket
1 controller (power supply unit) 2 wires to power other elements and for internet connection
installation manual

The functions and advantages of the Hikvision kit

Very simple to install using the two wires from the doorbell, this kit allows you to speak with the person you are talking to and see them live. Although the microphone is sufficient to announce yourself at the entrance, the video option is ideal for seeing the face of the person you are dealing with and provides an advantage to the security of your home.

Indeed, the plate's full HD camera acts as a peephole since it allows live visual transmission day and night on the interior display screens and on smartphones (iPhone and Android) or tablets via the HikConnect application. With this device compatible with a Hikvision NVR recorder, store your content on SD card.