Saverne surveillance camera

Saverne surveillance camera

Why have a surveillance camera at home in Saverne?

Video surveillance is attracting more and more people in Saverne, and not just shops or businesses. In fact, more and more people are equipping their homes with a surveillance system. Why so much enthusiasm? We will see that the camera is much more than a simple security device and that it can be used for many other things.

Fight against break-ins and burglaries

It seems obvious, but video surveillance makes it possible to fight against break-ins in Saverne, burglaries and intrusions by undesirable people. Today, cameras are more and more intelligent, sometimes spy and wifi and have more and more advanced functionalities. For example, IP cameras are equipped with night vision and person or motion detection. On some, you can even choose the detection zone, or differentiate between a human and an animal.

Whether indoors or outdoors, the surveillance camera now alerts you in real time to the presence of intruders in Saverne, which allows you to inform the police and take the necessary decisions. You can choose to install it in a discreet place, in order to surprise criminals, or on the contrary, expose it clearly in order to play on the deterrent effect. It is also a reassuring tool for monitoring your home during your vacation. No more unpleasant surprises when it returns since you can see what's going on there at any time, as if you had never left it!

Keep an eye on his children on Saverne

Thanks to the surveillance camera, you can monitor your home remotely in Saverne. Indeed, it is enough to install an indoor surveillance camera to greatly simplify your life. In addition to the fact that they are discreet and easy to install, they can, for example, save you from going back and forth to the baby's room while knowing in real time what is happening there.

Using a surveillance camera can also be useful for monitoring children and making sure they have returned home safely and are not getting into mischief. And in any case, it will make you nice memories!


Monitor your pet

The surveillance camera can also be very useful when you have pets.

In particular, it allows you to keep an eye on your companion remotely, and thus know what he is doing at any time. If he is ever ill or the victim of an accident, you will know immediately and will then be able to react quickly on Saverne.

Observing your pet's behavior in your absence can also be useful in order to understand its behavior and the cause of any “mischief” it might do.

For example, is your dog destroying your couch because of separation anxiety or because he doesn't have enough physical and mental expenses?

It is essential to identify the cause of this behavior in order to understand your companion and then resolve the problem with, if necessary, the help of a behaviorist.

Keeping the elderly at home

As we age, we unfortunately tend to lose our independence, and it can be complicated to stay at home. However, 90% of elderly people losing their autonomy prefer to continue living at home in Saverne rather than going to a retirement home.

Although home help can help greatly, they cannot stay with the elderly person all the time. This is where technology comes into play. Above all, the surveillance camera will improve personal safety, in several ways.

Obviously, it must be protected against burglaries, thanks to an alarm and shock detectors for example, since the elderly are a prime target for criminals.

The surveillance camera also allows you to be present in Saverne despite the distance. In fact, most cameras are equipped with bidirectional microphones, that is to say, which allow you to hear what is happening and interact through the camera.

You will therefore be able to be available when necessary and watch over your loved one from your smartphone. For example, you can note if he or she has unusual behavior, or even guide remotely when the elderly person no longer remembers what to do.

Finally, one of the other risks with aging is the risk of falling, which can have serious consequences.

This is why it may be interesting to equip the home with a remote assistance system like Kiwatch: the elderly person wears a bracelet or a medallion and can, by simply pressing a button, alert a platform which will send the services relief on Saverne.

Criteria to check before buying your surveillance camera

The market for video surveillance cameras in Saverne has evolved considerably in recent years. Now, the choice among the different camera models is wide. There are all brands, all shapes and for all prices.

Finding the ideal surveillance camera among the hundreds of models and services can be an obstacle course. This is why, in this article, we are going to give you the keys to choosing the right camera model, the one that is made for you and will really meet your needs.


Analog or IP camera?

This is the first question to ask: which technology to choose? To put it simply, the analog camera is older and therefore more widespread in France. Nevertheless, the IP (Internet Protocol) camera has an image quality that greatly surpasses that of the analog camera. For IP technology, the minimum definition is 1.3 megapixels, or 4 times higher.

This characteristic seems important but it ultimately depends once again on the use you wish to make of your video surveillance system.

To learn more about the difference between the two technologies, you can read our article dedicated to this question. Note that there is also a technology that serves as an in-between, HDCVI (High Definition Composite Video Interface).

Camera resolution

This is an essential criterion in the choice of its surveillance camera on Saverne. The resolution of a surveillance camera, whether the latter is IP, HDTVI, HDCVI, AHD, is expressed in pixels. This simply refers to the quality of the image rendered by the camera. There is HD 720p resolution, Full HD 1080p and up to 4 Megapixels, and of course the best of the best, 4K.

Beware, however, of the tendency to have more video resolution than you really need. For example, there is no need to have a 4K image to monitor your living room from a smartphone. In most cases, 1080p HD resolution will be sufficient, as higher quality will also trigger the need for larger storage capacity.

video surveillance

infrared vision

For more security, it is important to take an interest in the quality of infrared vision when choosing your surveillance camera. Indeed, the surveillance camera must be effective day and night in Saverne.

It is therefore essential to carefully assess the brightness of the area to be filmed when choosing your camera in order to guarantee an image of optimal quality. The greater the number of LEDs on the device, the better the night vision and range of the infrared camera.

Our infrared cameras and day/night cameras have an automatic system allowing you to switch to night mode as soon as the light is insufficient. The camera then films in black and white and allows details to be seen up to a certain distance.

There are cameras with the mention "Startlight", that is to say that their lenses allow you to see with very low light.

There are two types of Starlight lenses, one which allows you to have a color image, and therefore to have an image identical to the one you will obtain during the day, and one which gives you a black and white image with great brightness.

Motion detection

For a more advanced video surveillance system in Saverne, it is better to opt for a camera with motion detection, especially as this saves storage space. Instead of filming continuously while nothing is happening, the camera will turn on as soon as it detects an intrusive presence or suspicious movement.

The sensitivity of motion detection is also to be taken into account. Indeed, you do not want to receive an agonizing notification each time a cat passes through your garden or a leaf flies away. Fortunately, technology has evolved. If you own pets, this is not a problem because we sell pet-friendly motion sensors. Some devices can even mark out precise detection zones and recognize humans from other false positives.

storage capacity

Before your purchase on Saverne, you must determine your needs regarding the storage of your videos. The fact of filming continuously or according to motion detection, as well as the resolution of the image, greatly influences the space that the images take.

For small indoor cameras, you can store locally using an SD card. Similarly, a hard disk placed on the recorder makes it possible to store and view the images directly. Depending on camera brands, you may have a different video compression standard. This compression standard is very important because it reduces the storage space on your hard drive.

Note that there are also cloud storages. This comes in the form of a subscription, which can come in handy if the surveillance camera was broken or stolen during a burglary. The rates vary according to the sequence time and the time of their conservation.



Wireless or wired surveillance cameras have one thing in common: the use of the IP protocol (Internet Protocol) for the communication of video data and data allowing movement control. Indeed, both types of cameras can be controlled remotely. They therefore fit perfectly into intelligent IP video surveillance systems. These systems operate through the local computer network.


The essential difference between wired cameras and wireless cameras is the use or not of cables to transmit information between the camera and the central monitoring station. As far as wired cameras are concerned, this cable connection guarantees good communication of information over large distances.

The other advantage is that the information sending rate is higher and more stable than that of a Wi-Fi connection, it allows you to enjoy video recordings of optimal quality. On the other hand, wireless surveillance cameras, which are connected to the central via a Wi-Fi network, are less reliable than wired ones. Image quality is also lower.

The choice to make for the installation of a video surveillance system in a house or professional premises results from this essential difference


To properly select your video surveillance system in Saverne, we will therefore first consider the place to be secured. For indoor surveillance, the wired surveillance camera is more suitable to have ideal transmission quality and to restrict indoor radio emissions.

We can also favor this type of configuration outdoors when the cable which connects the surveillance camera to the surveillance center is easy to protect. In different circumstances, it is possible to choose a wireless surveillance camera, which does not require a physical connection with the control unit.

Surveillance cameras, when used correctly, actively participate in improving the protection of the places they secure and in reducing the risk of burglaries in Saverne.

Why moving is an opportunity to equip your home with a CCTV camera?

The need to protect oneself against the various risks incurred is more and more widespread and the surveillance camera has become more accessible thanks to technological developments. The camera is perceived as an asset for the house allowing to leave his home and leave more serenely. More and more homes are equipped with them. So you might as well take advantage of the change brought about by a move to fit out your house and move on to video surveillance!

Why secure your home with a camera?

If you have just moved or are considering moving, installing a surveillance camera is an issue to consider. Often used to protect against burglaries and deter criminals, having a surveillance camera at home has become common practice. This is the best way to record evidence during a break-in and also allows you to monitor your home remotely and thus increase your security.

How to choose your video surveillance camera?

Determining the criteria, the reasons why you decide to equip your home is the first and most important step of the procedure. Depending on your property, its location, your budget and your priorities, the choice of camera may vary, but thanks to the extent of the market, you will be sure to find the product that suits you best.

Some tips for choosing a surveillance camera:

It is important to list your expectations and take into account the constraints to be effective and in the choice and installation of the camera.
Get advice: call a professional.

Consult online security comparisons to refine your choices among the criteria sought (professional websites often offer comparison tools, direct comparisons or comparison tests).

Take into account the constraints of the home: depending on whether your house is modern or old, opt for IP or analog technologies.

The criteria are the most important because the entire “strategy” will be based on them. Depending on your type of home, your geographical location, the reasons that lead you to take a camera, what you want to do with it: use during the day, at night, etc.

All these reasons will vary the type of camera that will be best suited to your needs in Saverne. It is also important to find out about the different brands to get an idea of ​​the grip for example, even if in general today it is easy to find cameras on the market that allow a good grip and use. relatively simplified to make home security accessible.

Prioritize ease of use depending on your usage. Today most brands offer an application for remote access.
Don't neglect performance: image/audio quality - distance - consumption! (the safety comparisons will be of great help to you to avoid exploding your electricity bill).
Interior/external cameras – with facial recognition...

What are safety comparisons for?

There are many ways to choose your equipment on Saverne. Security comparison tools are very reliable and compare the different cameras you choose for you to see their capabilities.

In addition to that, professionals test for you the products that you can find on different platforms (websites, blog, YouTube, etc.) TSA Distribution offers you many articles: tests and advice to guide you. It is still advisable to meet a professional, even if only for the installation of your surveillance camera!

It is necessary to identify your needs before equipping yourself: indoor or outdoor surveillance camera? On battery or electrically connected? Storage on the manufacturer's cloud or locally? What features would I need? Night vision or not? Some cameras play kindness and are mainly used to check if the children have returned home safely. Other models incorporate a siren to deter.