In this regard, the regulations aim to protect people and property against the risk of fire.

By entrusting your project to TSA Distribution, you will be assured of being protected against the risk of fire, of being in good standing with the law and of meeting the requirements of insurers , essential stakeholders in the process upstream and downstream. case of disaster.

Your company is your work tool as well as that of your collaborators. Don't let it go up in smoke and protect your infrastructure, your production and management equipment, your stocks or the data that you could not replace.

No need to travel, you take control on site or remotely, via the internet, on a computer or directly on your smartphone . You can also delegate control to our central monitoring station, which will alert you in real time or go on site in the event of a fire.


The fire alarm is a serious thing.

It is not in our habits to dramatize things, after all, our job is to ensure your peace of mind, not to create stress.

But you have to know: in France, fire breaks out in 250,000 homes each year and kills 2 people a day. Fire outbreaks most often occur at night or when the occupants are absent.

The installation of a fire alarm at home is therefore strongly recommended and must be the subject of professional intervention.

Compulsory detectors are good, a fire alarm center is better.

Since 2010, the installation of at least one smoke detector per dwelling is mandatory, it's better than nothing… however, given the variety of risks and the configuration of your home, it is better to specifically size a fire alarm system.

A control unit will be able to receive information from various risk detectors (smoke, flame, gas, etc.), trigger several sirens and transmit the alert to trigger an intervention.

While the physical victims of fires are mostly at night, while they sleep, the majority of fires break out when the occupants are away from the home.

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Solutions and products for the protection of people and property

Whether you are responsible for an industrial site, an establishment open to the public or a tertiary building, fire is at the heart of your daily concerns. Thus, the fire protection of your installation first requires the establishment of a fire detection system consisting of several components such as a fire panel, automatic detectors, and many other elements contributing to the alarm process. .

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In France a fire breaks out every 2 minutes, it is a very real risk, the causes of which are often benign but the consequences too often dramatic.

Our fire and lethal gas detection systems, as well as our alert systems, benefit from our experience in the professional sector in order to guarantee your family a maximum degree of safety.

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