A video surveillance system to fight against intrusions in Alsace (Bischwiller) and everywhere in France

The video surveillance system is a device that contributes to securing goods and people. It allows you to have real-time visibility on the comings and goings that take place in your establishment or in your building.

Installing a video surveillance system aims to deter malicious people from entering your property, but it also allows you, even from a distance, to have an eye on what is happening in the corner of your property. device view.


Fight against intrusions

The technicians of TSA Distribution, specialized in the sale and installation of video surveillance equipment and alarms, take care of the installation and maintenance of all of your video surveillance equipment. We adapt to your needs and your building to define the most interesting configuration and make an installation recommendation. If necessary we offer miniature cameras or a network camera system.

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Intelligent video surveillance to fight against burglaries

In 10 years, burglary attempts have increased by 19% according to the report on crime in France published in 2020 by the Ministry of the Interior. 80% of burglaries take place during the day, by opportunistic people who think that the accommodation is unoccupied, and 55% take place between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. To deter thieves and limit the risk of break-ins, it is important to activate your video surveillance system , whether you are away for a few minutes or for an extended vacation.

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Which alarm system to secure your home? IN ALSACE (BISCHWILLER) AND EVERYWHERE IN FRANCE

To strengthen the security of your home, it is recommended to install equipment such as reinforced locks, automatic lighting, safes, shutters, siren alarms or even affix house alarm stickers: " site under video surveillance ".
However, the installation of surveillance cameras proves to be one of the most protective solutions to fight against thefts because they reduce the risk by 22% against only 15% for digicodes and 7% for armored doors.
TSA Distribution has developed a complete and deterrent video alarm system at a competitive price for all video surveillance services included , allowing you to effectively monitor your residence remotely and effectively protect yourself from burglars in the event of absence.

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