Secure Payments


During the final validation of your order, different means of payment are offered to you:

Secure payment - Visa / Mastercard credit card

Fight against fraud with 3-D Secure Thanks to Stripe , you can master 3-D Secure with just one click. You can also benefit from 3-D Secure technology and SSL secure payment in accordance with PSD2.

During the payment you will be redirected to the payment page, indicate the information relating to your credit card, they will be transmitted to your bank, which will ask you to authenticate yourself, either by means of your mobile phone, by SMS, or by asking you to indicate personal information, which you alone hold.

Reason for payment failure - Visa / Mastercard credit card

Most declined payments are associated with the following reasons:

"The customer's bank has declined the payment": Various causes are possible but it is indeed a decision of the customer's bank. In this situation, we recommend asking your bank advisor for more information.

"Transaction declined (limit exceeded)" or "Transaction declined by authorization system": This failure reason usually means that the spending limit on the card has been reached. In this situation, we recommend checking your authorized spending limit or contacting your bank advisor for more information.

"3-D Secure authentication failed": 3-D Secure authentication was required to complete the payment but could not complete it. In this case, the difficulty is only on your side because 3-D Secure is managed entirely by the card-issuing bank. We recommend contacting your bank or trying another card. The origin of this failure can be the following:

- Your card does not benefit from this feature. You did not enter the code received by text message (for example, at the time of payment you did not have your phone on you).

- You waited too long before entering the code (the 3-D Secure window only remains open for a few minutes).

- Your bank's 3-D Secure server encounters a temporary malfunction. You use a banking application to validate authentication but fails to make it work or it encounters a malfunction.


PayPal allows a business or user with an email address to send and receive online payments conveniently and securely. The PayPal network is based on the existing financial infrastructure of bank accounts and cards in order to create a global payment solution in real time.

Your bank details are stored in your PayPal account, which allows you to make online purchases more easily and quickly. You do not need to enter your information again.

You can set up your account to pay with your card or bank account, and you can still use funds from PayPal .

PayPal offers 100% protection against unauthorized payments from your account.

Online payment by bank transfer

Contact us directly by email to obtain our RIB on or by phone at

Attention :
For payments by bank transfer, the validation of your order only takes effect upon receipt of payment , it is therefore possible that the products initially requested are no longer available on the date of receipt of your payment.